Bricking it

Alun mentioned today that his boss arranged a meeting “soon” with him and a HR representative to discuss the “incidents which took place before” Alun left the Ward he was on.

Alun was burnt out and deeply unhappy in his old job and feels so much happier in his new job. The old job had people who pushed Al to his limits and made him miserable. When he left, he got a secondment to a new position and 5 other staff left on the same day. The 5 got gifts and cards but Alun got left out. It hurt him deeply. It was an unhappy situation and it made my heart break to see my beloved suffer so badly.

Now a meeting? With HR??? In my experience in jobs, this is never a good thing.

I’m bricking it because I complained to the Hospital about the treatment Alun received. His boss at the time rang me to “explain” and I was annoyed. Alun doesn’t know I did that. He will be livid if he finds out I made things worse for him.

I’m pleading with God to watch over Alun and for a good outcome. I’m scared for Alun and I’m praying blessing and success for him.

Have I ruined my husband’s career?

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