Guess who got hired today?

Meeeeeeee 🙂

I witnessed a lovely, friendly, comfortable office atmosphere when I sat in a red chair, waiting to be shown into the interview for this new job. I interviewed for the Admin position with 4 other girls yesterday – and 2 hours after I’d left the interview, I got offered the role.

Look at me go!

I’m a genius, I tell you. A GENIUS.

I’m so excited for starting my new role and am loving that it’s not a reception position because that means I can go to the kitchen and more importantly – to the loo – whenever I want! People who aren’t receptionists don’t know how good it is to be able to get up and leave your desk whenever you want to. You don’t have to train your bladder for timed toilet breaks and you don’t have to pee watching the clock and anxiously trying to get back to the reception desk/counter as soon as possible. I can pee without stress, you guys! Woo!

Did I also tell you this job pays A LOT more than my last one? And the hours are way better, too? Yep. I love it already 🙂

The staff all seem nice and the 2 girls I work directly with are really sweet.

I did say that about the last team who collectively threw me under a bus, though…so I need to remind myself to be cautious and wary in this job.

BE CAREFUL, JD. These guys might appear sweet, but in 3 month’s time, you might be crying in the loo and wishing you were home – like you have in sooo many other positions. Give it 3 months first, then see how you feel about the staff around you. 3 months seems to be the clincher in all my jobs. It’s at around that time that people start showing their true colours/intentions. I need to wait this one out.

I need to learn.

I did 3 hours ‘handover’ today which didn’t seem nearly enough for a role with about 40 different responsibilities attached to it…but all I can do is try my best and ask tonnes of questions in the first few weeks until I get the hang of it. In my experience, it takes me about 3 weeks to know a job well enough to do it on my own without supervision or support.

My new boss is a gruff, serious Scottish man who is very blunt and likes to get to the point of things as quickly as possible. He seems very intimidating but he also seems pretty fair as the girls who were showing me my role (I’m filling in for a young girl who’s going back to Uni) laughed a lot, seemed to really love working in the office and weren’t watched over or told off. I’m hoping that’s something that will follow on when I take over on Monday.

I need to:

Guard my heart

Watch my mouth

Focus on my work

DO NOT MAKE FRIENDS, JD!!! Not everyone is a friend…as you have learnt (or have you?) time and time again – people who look like friends can repeatedly stab you in the back, get you bollocked and fired and never bat an eyelash. You’re nothing to them, so don’t make them everything to you.

My first full day in my new Admin role is Monday.

Wish me luck, ok? Or don’t. I don’t believe in luck. Please pray for me, I’d appreciate it.

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