Not fired…more…relocated

I don’t know if you know this, but I get fired A LOT. Like, it’s ridiculous and I’m starting to lose count because after 50 times …you just stop keeping track.

About 6 months ago when I was crying my heart out on the sofa (wrapped up in Alun’s arms) over being fired unfairly over another job I really liked and wanted to stay in; Alun tried to cheer me up.

“You’re not fired, Janet” He hugged me close “You’ve just been…relocated”

“What? Outside of the building?!?” as devastated as I was – and every time I get fired, it really does ruin me – I couldn’t help but laugh.

Not fired. Relocated.

The funny thing is, I actually saw evidence of this in our garden yesterday so I wanted to write about it.

We have a beautiful plant in a big black pot. I think the name of the plant is something like “yesterday, today and tomorrow” because it’s one of the very rare plants that blooms with 3 different colours of flowers at the same time. Ours blooms in cream, lilac and dark purple. When we moved into our little cottage, we’d placed this special plant along our front gate in line with a few other pots housing other types of happy flowers (I love to garden, it’s amazing) and although it’s leaves were glossy and bright, it only grew a few flowers and when they bloomed, they didn’t last long.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It was getting the ‘full sun’ the label on it asked for. I watered it daily and spoke to it lovingly – as I did with all our plants and flowers. Why wasn’t it blooming?

The day before yesterday, Alun was bored so he decided to move a few of the plants around. He uprooted our white rose bush (it died. Arghhhh!) and planted a new Frangipani tree along our gate. It needed a lot of room to grow, so Alun moved the ‘yesterday, today and tomorrow‘ pot about 2 meters away and put it against our side fence instead.

Guess what happened the day after?

When I went to water the garden, the ‘yesterday, today and tomorrow’ plant was covered in flowers of all three brilliant, bright colours. It was blossoming and there were so many delicate little blooms, swaying their pretty heads along to the wind.

It was a beautiful sight and made my heart so happy.

God also spoke to me, you know. He told me that the RELOCATION had been quite good for that plant and now it was doing so much better in it’s new place.

So shall the case be with me, I think.

I’ll bloom and blossom in my new job when it comes along.

Until then, I’ll enjoy having all this free time to garden đŸ™‚

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