Seeing Jesus…and other things

Well hello there bloggers 🙂 How are you?

Nothing much to report today, other than feeling so so so so tired. Like, right down to my very bones.

I’ll tell you about Jesus…because I think I saw him today.


I was crossing the overpass between Murray and Hay street – the one over the Carillion food court – on my way to work this morning. There was a fellow about 5 meters ahead of me, walking against the oncoming onslaught of people on their way to the train station. He was about 70. Maybe a bit younger? It was hard to tell. He had a grey suit on and the jacket was a size or two too big for him – it almost hung sadly off him – as if it didn’t want to be in the city that day any more than he did. The guy in the suit had a big wad of pamphlets in his hand and he was trying to give them out but nobody wanted one. People were going out of their way to avoid eye contact with pamphlet guy and one lady even drew her handbag closer to her body – like he was wanting to steal it while he handed her a slip of paper. Can you imagine?

Pamphlet guy was getting disheartened, you could see it in the way his walk seemed…heavier.

A few steps up, and I saw that he’d stopped walking and just hung his head. Poor guy.

I was gaining on him.

I made up my mind right then and there to ask him for a pamphlet, just to cheer him up. God alone knows what he was giving them out for – to raise money? To give people a discount on the next hotdog they bought? Buy one, get one free on the next Chinese meal? To raise awareness for pandas? Breast cancer? Organ donation? No matter what it was…I was going to get one.

Then, there He was. Jesus.

Striding through the crowd of people as if He was floating on a cloud of goodness. He had a white shirt, jeans and a tan-coloured overshirt on…and a faded green backpack slung casually over one shoulder. His beard was…just right. Not bushy or long or unkempt…but like…a ‘friendly’ beard if you could imagine such a thing. His gorgeous smile burst across his tanned, weathered, friendly (not handsome/hot – just really nice) face. He had eyes with every colour in them. Brown and greens mostly – but flecks of blue and gold depending on which way He turned his head.

It was odd to look at Him, because He wasn’t “hot” or super attractive. He just…was. It’s hard to explain it. He looked like everyone’s big brother/Uncle/Nephew/Son. Jesus looked like a sweet, friendly guy. Like someone you would instantly trust. He looked just right – somehow. Not too thin. Not stocky. Not muscly, but a guy who could definitely give you a run for your money in a fight.

Jesus looked just like every other bearded guy I’ve seen – and yet – like no one else I’d seen – at the same time. People were all around us and Jesus didn’t ‘stand out’ from any one of the many people walking around/past us on that overpass this morning. He is not someone I could point out quickly in a line up – but when I looked at him, time seemed to slow down. I could almost see a glow around him. Almost. More like a faint shimmer. I don’ tknow.

Anyway – back to my story:

“Hey there” Jesus said to the disgruntled leaflet-toting man.

The guy raised his head and responded to Jesus’ smile and warmth with a smile of his own.

Jesus pointed to the stack of leaflets in the guy’s hand “Can I have one of those?”

The guy – speechless but still smiling – nodded. He handed over one of the leaflets.

Jesus chuckled AND WINKED as he accepted it “Thank you”.

Then something wonderful happened. And it happened so quickly that even as I tell you about it, I’m not sure if I really saw what I saw…but Jesus put his arm around the pamphlet guy. “How are you – like, really?” Jesus asked, and as if they’d been friends for their whole lives, the guy started to tell Him. They walked away – Jesus’ arm around this guy – chatting quietly and melted into the crowd.

Just. Like. That.

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